Video: Bizarre moment when three snakes are caught in the act

14 May 2018, 19:35

NTV Online
Photo: Collected

A photographer has captured rare footage of a trio of snakes appearing to engage in a threesome.

Elke Walther, 50, was visiting the Overberg, South Africa, when he stumbled across three snakes intertwining.

The snakes, who appear to be having sex, were apparently continuing their activities for 15 minutes, reports the Story Trender.

Elke said: ‘I saw a snake nearby where we were staying and it looked like the snake was stuck in a tiny hole.

‘We decided to pull the snake to get out of the hole, but then three snakes came out of the hole.

‘First we thought the snake was delivering babies, but then someone told me that this kind of snake lays eggs.

‘It was a bit unbelievable and a bit scary, we are not used to snakes.’