3-foot snake attacks snake twice its size. Watch if you dare

09 Jun 2018, 15:38

NTV Online
Photo: Collected

New Delhi: In the ruthless animal world, big animals often eat the smaller ones to survive. But in a ‘first of its kind’ phenomenon caught on camera, a 3-foot snake attacked another snake nearly twice as big - in order to score its next meal.
Mobile footage from Odisha’s Koraput district captured a 3-foot trinket snake trying to constrict an over 5-foot-long rat snake, reports NDTV.

Animal rescue volunteers received a distress call from a family in Sunabeda town on Friday and were were stunned to see the smaller snake wrapped around the visibly larger snake trying to kill it.
Snake Helpline volunteer Sujit Kumar Mohanty captured the shocking sight on camera.


According to Subhendu Mallik, founder of Snake Helpline, the 3-foot snake was tightly (and cleverly so) coiled around the rat snake’s heart making it difficult for it move.
He said that the sight was first of its kind as trinket snakes are known to eat other snakes but they often prey on ones smaller in size.

Volunteers were advised to separate the two serpents as the fiesty trinket snake would have been unable to swallow the bigger size even if it managed to kill it.
‘I am fully convinced that the tiny trinket was very much capable of killing the larger rat snake,’ he said.
Volunteer disengaged the two snakes and released them separately in their natural habitats. Both the snakes were non-venomous.