Video: Woman cut from belly of 27ft python after it ate her alive

16 Jun 2018, 21:03

NTV Online
Photo: Collected

A mum-of-two was pulled from the snake's insides in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, after she went missing on Thursday.

The victim, named as Wa Tiba, was last seen at about 6.45pm when she went out to tend to the family garden.

Horrifying pictures show her body being cut out of the snake after her kids found her sandals, machete and torch around 30 metres from a patch of bushes that appeared ruffled, reports the WS Buzz.

Her sons then saw an enormous python lounged on the ground barely able to move – it had swallowed the 54-year-old housewife head first.

Neighbour Ayu Kartika said: ''Everybody was crying, everybody was shocked. The poor woman. This is like a horror movie. People are terrified.

‘We are scared to go outside. We can only pray for a safety.''

Cops were called and by 9am on Friday hundreds of villagers had gathered round the patch of grass in the remote Mabolu Village in the Lohia Regency of Muna province.

The snake's skin was sliced open to reveal the slime-covered corpse of the housewife – she was still wearing her brown leggings and dark red top.

The knife she had gone out with the previous evening was found on the floor – suggesting she had dropped it after being set upon by the killer python.