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Valentine's Day gifts for different stages of a relationship

14 Feb 2016, 08:51

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Photo courtesy: UNB

A cuddly teddy clutching a huge heart may be a great gift for someone you have been dating for over six months but not for your wife who could do with, you know, a diamond ring or a swanky car.

This is a little awkward. You don’t want to scare her away. Your date may be already in love with you but trust us to say, it’s not worth the risk, reports UNB.

Valentine’s Day is special — at least for most people. Gifts are exchanged and so are promises made to stay in the relationship forever and ever. If you are faced with the inevitable question of `what to gift her’, we are here with help.

Different stages of relationships call for different gifts. A cuddly teddy clutching a huge heart may be a great gift for someone you’ve been dating for over six months but not for your wife who could do with, you know, a diamond ring or a swanky car.

Let’s help you choose the perfect gift.


You’re engaged

If your wedding is in a month’s time or so, it’s a reasonable assumption that you have spent a fair amount of your savings on the wedding preparations.

What to do — Make a slideshow with pictures of your time spent together. If she doesn’t look too impressed, make puppy eyes and pull out ‘the best gifts are the ones that cost nothing’ excuse. Make sure the slideshow plays her favourite music in the background. Gentlemen, you will get major brownie points for this one.


You just started dating

A small gesture is best for this situation. Something that conveys you like her company and would like to explore further.

What to buy — Go old school. Buy her a card and write a nice message on the inside. You can also throw in a gift coupon but don’t go overboard with the amount.


You’ve been dating for a few months

If you have been dating for a while now, a little more planning is required. While you might not be ready to jump the gun, you could just be willing to show her that she is very, very important.

What to do — Plan a nice dinner for your Valentine at a uppity (not necessarily expensive) restaurant. Flowers are great but don’t get red roses already. Stick to pink unless you want an awkward encounter.


You’re married

Who says romance goes for a toss when you get married? 10 years of marriage and two children later, you may still be hopelessly romantic.

What to do — Plan a date night. You could set it up at home too. Take a day off and spend the whole day with her. For the night, get aromatic candles, her (and yours) favourite dishes and set up a candle-light dinner on the balcony. Remember, some gifts lie in the meticulous planning and the detailing and not in their hefty price tags.


You’re in love

Congratulations! You have officially entered the thoughtful and expensive territory.

What to do — From books to handbags to jewellery -you could get her anything as long as it’s something you don’t get her everyday -something very special. Don’t forget to write a little note because women pay attention to details. You could also get naughty gifts like edible lingerie or massage oils.


You are planning to break up

Don’t even try and be extra special. If she has no clue that you are going to dump her, don’t go empty-handed either.

What to do — Get her a nice quilt or a bottle of bubbly. She will need the quilt to keep her warm at night because pretty soon it’s not going to be you. And the bottle? Well, that will come in handy if she wants to throw a break-up party. Now, you didn’t think she will only wallow in the shock of the break-up, did you?


You aren’t in a relationship

Everywhere you look, there are lovey-dovey couples and red, heart-shaped balloons. But that’s no reason to fret. What you need is retail therapy and awesome party scenes with your friends.

What to do — Throw an ‘I am single’ party for your single buddies and take advantage of the discounts at gift shops to pamper yourself. Sounds like a plan, right?