Video: Men save dog from clutches of python, but not everyone is happy

30 Jul 2018, 22:23

NTV Online
Photo: Collected

In a heroic act, three men saved a dog from the clutches of a huge snake that coiled around the pooch and tried to crush it to death.

The brave act was filmed on camera and shared on Twitter on Sunday by Ken Rutkowski. Although the dog was saved, the video has people on the micro-blogging site miffed, reports the Indian Express.

The footage showed a man pulling out the coiled reptile from the waters in a bid to save the dog. Two others joined in and as they manage to bring the snake back on the land, he tried to loosen the grip on the dog’s neck, with his bare hands.

When he failed to do it with his hands, he got a big rod to attack the serpent to relieve the dog from its clutches. Eventually, the dog escapes as the python was hit repeatedly.

People were happy the dog survived and lauded the men for their brave act but not everyone was happy with the rescue operation.

The footage showed the man kept on hitting the serpent even after the dog was left alone. Many asked was it justified to kill one animal to save another?

Twitterati were divided and many were confused if that was the right move.