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Video: Giant python eats huge alligator

29 Sep 2018, 15:00

NTV Online
A giant python swallowing a huge alligator. Photo: Collected

The wildlife is always harsh. Vertebrates are often attacked and taken their lives by carnivores so they always have to find their own way of protecting themselves. Not only that, predators also even kill each other.

The lip recorded a fierce battle between a python and a crocodile. Although the crocodile was extremely large, but with the python's ferocity, it swallowed crocodiles wildly.

However, everything does not seem to be simple like the snake wished. The crocodile is strong and aggressive, making pythons difficult to eat the alligator, reports the feedytv.com.

Perhaps the viewer is extremely scared to witness two fearsome predators fighting so fiercely.

In the harsh wildlife, there are still many touching stories about the animals saving the other one. This is the story of the heart-stopping moment a warthog mother had her baby snatched by a hungry leopard and how the heroic mother did something amazing to save her piglet. Using its noted stealth ability, the leopard silently stalked a group of warthogs, going completely unnoticed until the moment it jumped out of the bushes. The large feline swiftly pounced on one of the warthog piglets, sinking its teeth into the youngster’s neck.

‘The leopard was trying to pin her potential kill to the ground and the piglet was screaming and kicking to try and get away from the leopard,’ the photograpger, Koos Fourie, told reporters. The mother had a choice: flee to safety, or heroically risk her life in a last-ditch attempt to save the piglet. She chose the latter.

The warthog mother heroically charges at the leopard, which sends it and the baby warthog flying into the air.

Desperate to save her baby, the mother warthog charged full force at the leopard, causing it to lose its grasp on the piglet. The leopard was sent flying into the air.

Photographer Koos Fourie captured these incredible images while on a safari with his family at Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Triumphant, the baby warthog escapes due to its mother’s quick thinking.

The brave mother then chased the leopard away and escaped with her baby, leaving the leopard with its pride dented and stomach empty.