Aarong premiers HERSTORY, Eid wardrobe

18 May 2017, 13:05 | updated: 18 May 2017, 15:36

NTV Online

Aarong, one of the popular lifestyle retailers in Bangladesh, organised a fashion show on 13 May to launch its new sub-brand HERSTORY, as well as its own Eid Collections.

Aarong Fashion Show 2017 was held at the grand ballroom of Radisson Blu in Dhaka’s Airport Road.

The audience was awed as they entered through a cave to the grand ballroom, which was entirely transformed into a forest.

The show opened with Aarong’s New Ladies Kurta Line followed by specially designed silver, gold-plated, pearl, and fashion jewellery.

The highlight of the show was HERSTORY, a new designer brand for women, which will be available on Aarong’s Gulshan outlet from 25 May.

The fashion powerhouse also displayed its stunning Mughal inspired Eid collection for its men’s and women’s lines and its sub-brand Taaga.

However, the Eid collection is now available at all Aarong outlests and