10 most heavily guarded homes on earth!

08 Jul 2017, 13:55 | updated: 08 Jul 2017, 13:59

NTV Online

For commoners, remembering to shut the windows and lock the front door is most likely the only security they have in homes.

Unless you are hoarding a secret million dollars’ worth of artwork behind closed doors, it is probably all you need.

You might hide your iPad under your pillow when you leave, or stash your pocket money under a mattress, but let us be honest here, the majority of houses are not really that well protected, says The Hub.

The above-mentioned YouTube channel recently put a video showing some of the most highly protected homes in the world.

Whether the houses have been made extra secure to look after the people inside, or whether it is just because the owners have a lot of money, these houses put our double locks to shame.