Smart umbrella for hajj pilgrims

24 Aug 2017, 19:10

NTV Online

It is not any ordinary umbrella. It is a smart umbrella. Besides protecting from scorching sunlight, it has a cooling fan. In addition, it will spray water when you open it. What more one can ask for in a desert region?   

Everyone is aware of the infamous heat in Saudia Arabia. Every year about 25 lakh Muslims gather in Makkah city for hajj. These pilgrims will be excited to know that an Arabian scientist has invented a smart umbrella.

The weather in Makkah is hot and dry. People coming from abroad find it hard to cope up with such weather.

The inventor of the umbrella is Mohammad bin Hamed As-Sayeg. The umbrella is known as ‘Qafia’.

The specialty of the umbrella is it can emit 40 degree Celsius temperature weighing 660 gram. It can be carried easily.

The umbrella has a fan. Besides, a water bottle can be added to the lower part of the umbrella and the fan will spray the water like dew drops.  

The solar-powered umbrella is chargeable too.

The umbrella is available in Saudi markets.

The inventor said, hajj pilgrims from Europe, Asia and other countries are using the umbrella.  The demand for the umbrella has been increasing for the last six months.

King Abdul Aziz Science and Technology University certified the umbrella. China is now producing the ‘Qafia Umbrella’ for the hajj pilgrims.