You may soon be able to watch Facebook videos without worrying about data

15 Sep 2017, 18:43

NTV Online

Let’s face it, watching videos online eats up data like there is no tomorrow.

But not for much longer. Or at least not if Facebook have anything to do with it.

Why? Because the social media giant is currently testing a new feature.

One that, thankfully, will allow you to watch videos without touching your precious gigabytes, reports

However, the new feature – which has been named Instant Video – does have a catch.

In order to watch the videos, you will need to download them onto your phone when you have Wi-Fi.

You will be able to tell what videos are part of ‘Instant Video’, as they will have a lightening blot on them.

So far, the new feature is only available for android users.

Speaking to Mashable, a Facebook spokesperson said: ‘We can confirm that a test of Instant Video is currently taking place with a small group of Android users.

‘We don’t have anything further to add on this one at this stage.’