Bangla portals now get Google AdSense

06 Dec 2017, 14:57 | updated: 06 Dec 2017, 15:25

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Dhaka: Google has announced their Google AdSense in Bangla language to enable the Bangladeshi media publishers to earn revenue from their online Bangla contents.

The announcement was made by Google recently at the Le Meridian Hotel of the capital, said a press release on Wednesday.

A media workshop was organised in this regards, by the Google team to have a meeting with the leading media publishers of Bangladesh to provide them an in depth knowledge of the product and how to use it more effectively and efficiently.

The core objective of this social get together event was to build awareness on the product features of the Google AdSense and share some of the best contemporary practices to maximize the revenue of the local Bangla publishers.

Present in the launching event to share their valuable experience were Ahmad Shah Nawaz, Strategic Partner Manager, Google; Hashmi Rafsanjani, Country Consultant, South Asia Frontier, Google; Ajay Luther, Partner Monetisation Specialist, SEA, Google; Ahteram Uddin, COO, Prothom Alo Digital, and Jitin Chaudhary, Readwhere, CPT Partner of Google.

Around 70 guests from 35 most prominent leading media publishing companies form the country attended this event.

For over 12 years, Google AdSense has been enabling publishers to earn revenue from their online content. Today, over 2 million people monetize with Google AdSense.

The interest for Bangla language content has been growing steadily over the last few years. AdSense is now providing an easy way for the Bangladeshi media publishers to monetize their contents that they create in Bangla, and help advertisers looking to connect with the growing online Bengali audience to reach them with relevant ads.
Ahmad Shah Nawaz, Strategic Partner Manager, Google Google commented ‘The objective of this social get together workshop was to build awareness on product features and share some best practices to maximize AdSense revenue.

We are now excited to announce the addition of Bengali (Bangla), a language spoken by millions in Bangladesh, India and many other countries around the world, to the family of AdSense supported languages‘.

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