‘No, he’s not going back to Dhaka’ — Shakib’s wife slams ‘nonsense news’

Her response comes as it has been reported that Shakib to return to Dhaka post Sri Lanka win

18 Sep 2018, 15:32 | updated: 18 Sep 2018, 15:41

NTV Online
The photo is taken from Sakib Ummey Al Hasan's Facebook.

Several media has reported that Bangladesh all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan has been forced to fly back to Dhaka after his daughter Alayna Hasan Aubrey fell ill while staying in a Dubai hotel with her parents.

But, it seems the news is not true. Shakib’s wife Sakib Ummey Al Hasan took to the social media to reveal the truth and of course she is not happy the way the news has spread.

Here’s what she has posted on Facebook:  

‘Yellow journalism at its best. Without knowing anything they like to make up a story and shoot it in the market for bumper views and of course that has to be Shakib Al Hasan. My daughter fell sick before Asia cup started and no he’s not going back to Dhaka, it was never in the mind. There has been many other situations he needed to be by his family but we sacrifice as a family for the country. You might have forgotten that he couldn’t be there for the birth of his first child. And this guy is playing with an injury knowing it will cost him in the long run, I wouldn’t be surprise if it cost him big time and he’s not a sympathy seeker! These non sense news coming from leading news portals in the country is very disappointing if you can’t find anything better to write, don’t write at all!!! And playing with a players concentration with negative news before any match is not patriotic. I stand against yellow journalism!!!

P.S: I could’ve linked the news portals but I’m not after anybody’s reputation!!’