Cricket great Matthew Hayden fractures spine in surfing accident

08 Oct 2018, 09:38

NTV Online

The former Australian Test cricketer said he suffered a vertebrae fracture and torn ligaments while surfing with his son Josh on Friday.

‘Took on Straddie back bank yesterday with @josh_hayden28 and lost,’ he wrote on social media on Saturday, reports

A photo posted to Instagram showed Hayden wearing a neck brace and suffering head lacerations.

The cricketer said he had an MRI and CT scan and was ‘on the road to recovery’.

‘Just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to all our mates on Straddie who have been so supportive,’ he said.

‘Fractured C6, torn C5, C4 ligaments — safe to say I truly have dodged a bullet.’

It’s not Hayden’s first accident in south east Queensland waters.

In 1999, the cricketer was forced to ‘swim for his life’ when his boat capsized and sank while he was travelling to North Stradbroke Island for a summer fishing excursion.

Hayden, fellow cricketer Andrew Symonds and a friend, swam about a kilometre to safety battling strong conditions and exhaustion.