Shocking moment player knocks out referee during match!

28 Apr 2017, 21:58 | updated: 28 Apr 2017, 22:04

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Sickening moment: Referee Benjamin Casty sends a player off moments before he is knocked out.

A French rugby league referee was left floored on the weekend, after a sickening punch from a player who had been sent from the field.

Benjamin Casty, brother of former Roosters prop Rémi, was officiating in the semi-finals of the French junior cup between Saint-Estève and Toulouse, when a Saint-Estève player was sent from the field. 

The centre's was response was to throw a vicious right at the referee, before following up with a series of haymakers towards opposition players who had tried to calm him down. 

Initial reports said that referees jaw had luckily not been broken, but the game was abandoned after the incident - which occurred roughly 25 minutes into the first half, with Casty being sent to hospital.