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15 Jul 2017, 16:18 | updated: 15 Jul 2017, 17:56

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Waiting for the sympathized common order of the government is no longer needed for getting Canadian citizenship by way of illegal voyage and/or staying there.Resting on false statement and information, trying for political asylum is also not required. Having required educational qualifications, work experience, ability to speak and write in English and above all through  proper process of application ;anyone can get citizenship in Canada with family.

Or if you have financial solvency and ability to carry out business in Canada , then, for obvious reason ,Canadian government is waiting for giving you Canadian citizenship. If followed the due and proper professional process, then you can be permanent resident in your long cherished dreaming country Canada.

According to a report published last year by the ICTC, Canada needs 1,82,000/- new workers in the IT sector by 2019.

To complete this whole process, you can take professional guidelines and assistance of an immigration Lawyer. In this regard Dr Sheikh Salahuddin Ahmed, an advocate of Bangladesh Supreme Court and International immigration expert, replied to a question stating that the process is a difficult legal  matter   and it has to be under proper supervision ever and anon. So , taking professional assistance of an expert Lawyer in this connection can be fruitful and wise decision for the concern  but not mandatory at all.

If applied in due process, citizenship in Canada with family is possible within one year.

Attractive self employed persons program:

In fact, Canada is called the Heaven of immigrants. Society and culture of Canada have been enriched and well equipped by thousands and thousands of people of different profession and languages from the whole world. Bangladeshi cultural and sports people have also the opportunity to apply for getting Canadian citizenship.


Players of different events, Coach, Trainer, People of cultural arena  like model, Artists of Music, Singer, Dancer Performing artists, Comedian, Makeup man, Producer, director, Choreographer, Photographer, Video and Visual camera person ,Video editing,  Fashion designer , author related with newspaper of animation and multimedia specialist, columnist,  Editor, Journalist ,Carton maker, Rhyme writer, Broadcast technician, Graphic designer, Fine artists, Interior designer  etc  can get Canadian citizenship with family.


  • At least 02 (Two) years International standard experience in the concerned profession.
  • Or Two years working experience as self employed.
  • Or two years experience in firm management.
  • Must have the capacity to invest at least one lakh Canadian dollar.
  • Required point: Out of 100, minimum 35 point will require.

Quebec Investor program:

On last may 2017, Quebec investor program has again been started. Through this program within the shortest and fastest time span , there is a great opportunity to be permanent citizen in Canada with family .

The advantages of applying in this program are:

  • Ability to invest 8 lac Canadian dollar for five years and capital is got returned without interest after five years.
  • Permanently staying with family.
  • There is no condition of educational qualification and IELTS score.
  • Having asset equivalent to 1.6 billion Canadian dollar is good enough to be permanent in Canada through this program.
  • Investment must have to be carried our by thirty (30) days after being granted the application.

Entrepreneur Program in Canada :

  • Three (03) lakh Canadian dollar must have to invest .
  • Businessmen related with agriculture ,industrial and commercial activities can apply in this program
  • Three(03) Years experience will do.
  • In two ways, that is, federal and provincial government’s entrepreneur program is on and existing now.

Manitoba provincial nominee program is for businessmen :

It is said that for the businessmen, gateway of Manitoba is opened round the clock. The key features of this program include:

  • Age limit 35 to 44 is highly appreciable.
  • Asset equivalent to 3500000 Canadian dollar must have to avail this route.
  • Must have the capacity to invest 1,30,000 Canadian dollar .
  • Must have three(03) years business ownership or 05(five) years working experience in a senior post .
  • Business experience must have to avail.
  • Business knowledge is also preferred.
  • Point is added in case of Manitoba Travel.
  • More point is possible to add , if both husband and wife have minimum IELTS score.

British Columbia Entrepreneur immigration scheme:

In this province businessmen can set up new business or purchase or partnership basis business and can get citizenship under this scheme.

  • Minimum 2,00,000 Canadian dollar must have to invest.
  • Must have asset or cash equivalent to 6,00,000 Canadian dollar.
  • Must have three(03) years business experience.
  • Officials, having two years experience in high level management,  can also apply.

Saskatchewan entrepreneur business immigration scheme:

 The next draw holding time schedule has already been declared on next 19 July2017,18  October 2017 and 17 January 2018.So,if you are interested, you can avail this certain program and apply for this.

  • Must have 5,00,000 Canadian dollar equivalent asset.
  • Must have the ability to invest minimum 2,00,000 Canadian dollar .

Other programs for immigration in Canada are :

 In new rules, professionals have scope to get immigration in different programs likePNP,ExpressEntry,FSWP,FSTP,QSWP,AIPN,SIPN,MPNP,NSNP,BCPNP,OINP,Atlantic Immigration pilot program, Caregiver, Business, Family sponsorship including employment .

  1. Express Entry:

Canada needs 1,82,000 new it workers in the IT sector by 2019. Otherwise All type of Engineers, IT professional, Accountant, Auditor, Banker, Architect, Doctor, Dentist, Nurse, Physiotherapist, radiologist , Sonographer,  Pharmacist as per their own professional qualification can apply in this program.  Age limit of the candidate must be below 53 years.  Must have at least graduation or equivalent or diploma degree . Two years job experience is highly appreciable.

Applicants must have to score 6.5 in each band in IELTS general Training Module and overall score must be 7 band.

Even IT specialist scored less than 400 points under the CRS, they can be eligible, specially

  • Telecommunication Carriers Managers
  • Computer and Information systems Managers
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
  • Database Analysts
  • Software engineers and Designers.
  • Computer Programmers
  • Web Designers and Developers
  • Graphic Designers and Illustrators.

2.Privincial Nominee program:

Applicants can be nominated in 11 provinces in Canada for immigration. Currently opened programs are:

  1. British Columbia Provincial Program:

Applicants having minimum5.5 score in IELTS, two years experience and graduation degree can apply in this most beautiful province .This program is divided in four category. Express entry BC- skilled worker and international graduate and skills immigration: skilled worker and entry level semi-skilled. In the last draw, 377 applicants have got nomination from British Columbia. On last June,346 persons have got invitation from this province.

B ) Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program :

Some special professionals can easily apply in the most famous province  Suscachuan .at the same time , within the shortest and fastest possible time ,they can get immigrant visa with their family. These profession include: Computer or Information system engineer or Analyst, NGO worker and Agriculture  manager etc.

C ) Ontario Immigrant Nominee program:

52,700 IT expert need in this particular province. Those who are studying in Canada ,have qualifications to do job in Canada and   received  proposal to do job in there or  willing to start business can only apply in this particular province and can become permanent. After preparing profile, applicants will have 14 days time to apply in any category.

 D) Nova Scotia Nominee program:

Since 2015 , this program is on going. Financial Accountants, Admin officer, Civil Engineer, Skilled in computer, Nurse and NGO workers can apply in this program. This province needs more

  • Information systems analyst and consultants
  • Computer programmers and media development.
  • Computer network technicians

E. Atlantic immigration Pilot program:

From March of this Year, Atlantic immigration pilot program has been introduced in three categories. Under this scheme, working scope for a long period in Canada is availed. As there is job offer in this program , this is fond of most of the applicants. Atlantic government has ensured that  two thousands family will get this opportunity  in 2017.

F) Quebec immigration:

Though Quebec is a province of Canada , the immigration process of this province is distinct and different. Program is announced at any time of the year by mentioning the specific Quota. Generally, The conditions and qualifications of this province are much easier and flexible. Program of Quebec are in three categories. These are: The Quebec skilled worker program, Entrepreneur program and Quebec experience class. Each program has individual conditions. This province will give immigration to five thousand people within the next twelve (12) months.

Caregiver program:

Through this program ,at best by six months ,permanent immigration is possible with family. Only the Certified Sanad holder Nurses will be able to apply for this. There is no need of 1200 CRS point or 67 point like other program.  Through live in caregiver program, having nursing diploma or B Sc. and minimum 5 score in IELTS  any one can apply in this category and can get immigration with job  in Canada .

Dr Sheikh Salahuddin  Ahmed Raju,a prominent writer, Mass media personality, International immigration Law expert and advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh,  has vast experience for long years on skill, Self employed, investor and entrepreneur program in Canada .In reply to a question , Dr Salahuddin Ahmed said “anyone can apply after determination of qualifications and ending of the whole process with professional assistance. Those who have dream to carry on business keeping pace with the globalization only they should apply .”

This experienced international immigration lawyer requested to all not to load the scale of rejection by  not following the proper process of application and dealing it  in hotch potch way .Anyone interested to get any help and advice  in this regard can directly contact with the Chairman of Worldwide Migration Consultants Dr Sheikh Salahuddin Ahmed .You can also send your detail biodata through this email or Apart from this, anyone can contact over Whatsup,or Viber +60143300639. Besides,you can visit

Or anyone can contact at the office of the Worldwide Migration Consultants located at sector 7 of 51 Sonargaon Janopath road ,Khan Tower ,Uttara of the Capital city Dhaka. For preliminary information you can contact over  these phone 01966041555,01993843340,01966041888,01993843339 and 01966041333.