Incredible video of two kangaroos fighting

The two kangaroos were filmed kicking each other repeatedly

21 Oct 2017, 18:48

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Two kangaroos got into an intense scuffle. Representational image

One could be forgiven for assuming that this is a clip from a video game - but it is very much real. An incredible video of two kangaroos fighting each other was captured by police infrared cameras.

The undated video was released by Australia's Victoria Police on Tuesday and shows the two kangaroos engaged in an intense scuffle - jumping and kicking each other repeatedly.

Watch them in action below:


According to The Sacramento Bee, the video was captured from a police helicopter in the middle of the night as the two 'roos fought in a bushland.

The powerful animals often stand over 6-feet-tall.

While it is not clear what caused the scuffle, according to the National Geographic, fighting kangaroos kick opponents, and sometimes bite.