Man finds snake slithering over arm while driving

14 Jan 2018, 12:54


Imagine driving to work, thinking about the things you have to do for the day and suddenly, out of nowhere you see a snake slithering over your arm. No, this isn’t some hypothetical situation. It was actually the bizarre reality of an Australian construction worker. A post shared on Facebook by Brisbane Snake Catchers details the man’s scary encounter and a video along with the post shows exactly how the snake was rescued out of his car, reports the NDTV.

According to the post shared on January 9, the construction worker called for professional to help get the snake removed from his car. A member from the Brisbane Snake Catchers team arrived on the scene to help him out.

‘On arrival it was underneath the dashboard at a quick glance at what we could see, we realized we were dealing with an adult Eastern brown snake,’ says the post. For the uninitiated, Eastern brown snakes can grow up to 7-feet-long, and their venom can cause blood to clot heavily.

After about an hour, the snake was finally rescued from the car.

‘We managed to gain access through a small spacing around the handbrake, as it had gone deep under the centre console of the vehicle,’ says the post. The snake had most likely made it inside the car through an open window.