‘I am innocent’, says Russian belly dancer after released on bail

‘I am innocent’, says Russian belly dancer after released on bail

12 Feb 2018, 18:20

NTV Online
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A Russian belly dancer arrested in Egypt for 'performing without any knickers' has spoken for the first time about her ordeal after her release on bail.

Russian Ekaterina Andreeva, 31, described her whole ordeal as the 'worst days of her life' after she battled to clear her name for six days.

Andreeva - who goes by the stage names Johara and Gawhara - was hauled off stage last Tuesday after officers stormed in on one of her performances at a nightclub by the Nile in Giza, reports the Mirror.

Police told her the performance was 'too provocative' and 'too sexy' after officers spotted videos of her performances on social media, in which they claim she wasn't wearing any underwear.

Andreeva also shared footage from one of her performances in Egypt showing her in a skimpy black two-piece, split up to her hip.

She is seen shaking her hips and beckoning one male member of the audience as she dances to Shaabi - a form of popular comical/political music that emerged in the 1970s to reflect the difficulties of modern Egyptian life at the time.

Writing on her Instagram yesterday, she said she still didn't know about the ‘real reasons’ she had been arrested - adding: ‘Those who are professional dancers know clearly my costumes are ok.’

She said her lawyer had also ensured her work permit was correct and she did not think the situation was anything personal against her.

She added: ‘Inside of all this was just terrible and I was loosing a hope every minute, but then I realised that are so many people praying for me, working hard to take me out.

‘I stayed strong for them. It was the worst days of my life, but I’m out and justice triumphed, so it’s only proves that I’m innocent.’

In a previously released video , she is seen in a low-cut backless dress split up one side.

She performs an energetic belly dance, jiggling her hips and at one point rotating her boobs to whoops from the crowd.

Egyptian prosecutor Hatim Fadl said last week that Andreeva had been arrested for 'inciting young people to disobedience and immorality.'

He added: ‘Rules for the dance performance oblige the performer to wear underwear of any colour but beige.

‘Gawhara did not have any underwear, and of course it was provocative.’

Andreeva runs a successful dance studio in the Russian capital Moscow with her husband.