Woman climbs into x-ray machine at train station

14 Feb 2018, 08:58 | updated: 14 Feb 2018, 09:00


What is your most prized possession? Your phone, some precious jewellery, a family heirloom maybe, or even your family if you want to be philosophical with your answer. For one woman in China, it was her handbag and a suitcase.

A woman in Dongguan, China’s Guangdong Province, climbed into an X-ray machine at a train station, heels and all, only so she could keep a close eye on her bag, reports the NDTV.

According to local reports, the woman was so scared that her bag could get stolen during the mad rush at the station, she followed it inside the machine. She jumped onto the conveyor belt and followed her handbag all the way to the other side.

A video shared online actually shows the woman’s silhouette inside the machine. The video also shows her climbing off the machine once the checking was done.

The incident took place on February 11, days before China's upcoming Lunar New Year, celebrated on February 16. According to Daily Mail Online, the Lunar New Year travel rush, also known as the largest human migration in the world, began on February 1 across China. So, while it isn't clear what was inside the woman's bag, one can imagine her desire to protect it and not lose it in the crowd.

Meanwhile, staff at the Dongguan station has advised passengers not to climb into the X-ray machines as the radiation given off by the scanners can be harmful, reports Mirror Online.