Dutch PM drops coffee cup, cleans up mess in parliament

05 Jun 2018, 19:44 | updated: 05 Jun 2018, 19:50

NTV Online

In October 2017, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte became an instant legend, as he cycled to the Royal palace to meet King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.

This time Rutte left the parliament in awe after he accidentally spilled his coffee, and then did not hesitate to clean up after himself under the cleaners’ applause.

Under the watchful eyes of many witnesses, including Alexander Pechtold from the Democrats 66 party and Sybrand Buma from the Christian Democratic Appeal, he borrowed a bucket and a mop to wash the floor, and a piece of cloth to wipe away some stains, reports

This is the same Mark Rutte who, in October, was photographed parking a bicycle outside — wait for it — the King’s Palace.

Surprised? Don’t be. Rutte usually cycles to work.