Inspired by crime shows, India woman kills sister-in-law

22 Jun 2018, 16:56

NTV Online

Inspired by crime shows, a 35-year-old woman strangulated her sister-in-law (husband’s younger brother’s wife) at Kaladera village (in India) and to make it look like an accident, she put the body on a chair and electrocuted it.

The police have arrested Manju, who admitted to strangulate Sunita Jat (29) at their house on the intervening nights of June 16 and 17. She dragged the body to a nearby chair where she electrocuted Suita’s body with a cable, hoping that post-mortem report will show electrocution as a cause of death, reports The Times of India.

According to Kaladera SHO Roop Narayan, Manju was envious of Sunita as former had to do all household chores while later prepared for her competitive examinations, so she planned to eliminate her after watching crime serials on television. ‘She was particularly hooked to a crime show on television which she watched twice a day. She learnt about killing Sunita after watching recent episodes,’ Narayan informed TOI.

Manju was caught in her web of lies after the police found injuries and scratches around her neck; which indicated they were signs of struggle. ‘Sunita tried to save herself when Manju began choking her. Sunita used her nails to ward off Manju, which resulted in scratches around Manju’s neck. We also found samples from her nails which indicated Manju’s involvement in the crime,’ Narayan said.

The police sternly quizzed her following which Manju admitted she did not like Sunita as she did not to any house work. The police have arrested her and have charged her for the murder and criminal conspiracy. She has been sent to judicial custody while other items which were recovered from the house have been sent to the forensic examination.

The police said that Manju tried to mislead the investigation at every step. ‘When we asked her how she got so many scratches, she told us that she had fallen while doing housework due to which she sustained injuries,’ an official told TOI.