Woman’s iPhone explodes on car dashboard after battery replacement

10 Aug 2018, 13:02 | Update: 10 Aug 2018, 13:14

NTV Online

A woman’s iPhone exploded on the dashboard of her car after she got an unofficial battery fitted into the phone in China.

The incident was captured on the woman’s dashcam and shows the smartphone bursting into flames while she drives on a busy motorway, reports khaleejtimes.com.

The woman’s husband claimed that it was an ‘iPhone 6’ and they had got an unofficial battery fitted into the handset. The husband identified as Jiang told the incident took place on Wednesday morning inShanghai and that his wife was not using the phone when it exploded.

The video of the explosion went viral on Chinese video site Pear Video. Jiang said that they went to a local repair shop ‘Ji Hou Hou’ in February to replace the phone’s battery, adding, the shop’s technician replaced the old battery with an unofficial iPhone battery. However, the repair shop does not feature on the list of authorised iPhone repair shops in Shanghai, according to Apple.com.

Moreover, the repair shop confirmed the explosion was due to faulty battery and was taken back for further repair works. But, Jiang claims they are ‘too scared to use the phone now’ and demanded the shop to replace their phone with a new one and provide pay compensation, but their demand was declined. The phone repair shop’s spokesperson told Daily Mail that the company was dealing with the matter through Shanghai Consumers Association and was in contact with the couple.