Indonesian toddler filmed playing with huge python

12 Sep 2018, 08:56

NTV Online

A video showing a toddler playing with a giant python has gone viral on the internet, with many outraged that the young boy’s parents allowed him to play with the large reptile.

The video, reportedly filmed in East Java, Indonesia, shows the boy laughing and playing with the python. He even sits on it and goes for a ride on its back, reports

In a move many thought would provoke an attack by the large snake, the boy grabs the snake by the neck and tries to lift it, Metro reported.

The boy was too young to speak full sentences, according to the video. Fortunately, the python did not hurt the youngster and instead was trying to slither away from him.

The video was believed to have been taken by the child’s parents, who were criticized for putting their child in danger.

In May, a video showing two girls riding on the back of a huge python in Indonesia triggered a debate on the internet. Some slammed the parents for being irresponsible, while some others said it was good to let children experience wildlife.

In June, a woman’s body was retrieved from a 27-foot python after it swallowed her whole while she was gardening in Indonesia. The rising trend of python attacks could be due to the expansion of oil palm plantations in the country, Times Now reported.