Stree actress Flora Saini narrates ‘physical abuse’ she faced by producer Gaurang Doshi

09 Oct 2018, 16:41

NTV Online
Stree actress Flora Saini. Photo: Collected

Many women from different walks of life are opening up about their sexual harassment incidents and bringing out the predators at the forefront.

One such brave individual is Stree actress Flora Saini, who spoke about the alleged physical abuse she faced in the hands of producer Gaurang Doshi.

Gaurang has produced films like Deewar: Let’s Bring Our Heroes Home (2004) and Aankhen (2002). Flora shared some gut-wrenching photos of herself which took place on Valentine’s Day 2007 when Gaurang allegedly beat her up, reports the

What continued was a one-year abuse that left her with a ‘fractured jaw and a scarred soul for life.’ She further narrated how she felt that she had made a mistake by talking about it initially and because of Gaurang’s influence, nobody believed her.

Gaurang apparently threated her by stating that he would make sure that she never works again. Flora was replaced in films and was not even allowed to audition sometimes. The actress also suggested that there were other women who shared the same predicament as she did but were not brave enough to come out in the open about it.

Talking about the recent rise of the Me Too movement in India, Flora praised all the women and their guts to make their voices heard and not let themselves be oppressed by the abuser. Flora wrote, ‘You guys make me so proud to be a woman in this industry today where our voice is being heard where people are not judging us for speaking out against an abuser.’

‘They are actually coming together to make the workspace safe for us even more. To all the people who are standing up to talk and all those who stand up to support. I bow to you. You’re my superheroes. And trust me, the world needs more of you,’ Flora added.