Elderly couple dies holding hands, brings The Notebook alive

Their story will leave you in tears

31 Jan 2019, 13:47

NTV Online

In the age of modern relationships and Tinder romances, it’s very hard find a love story that genuinely melts your heart and warms your soul.

But once in a while, there comes a couple who manages to change your view towards this feeling and make you believe in true love, reports

Such is the story of Norma June Platell, 90 and Francis Ernest Platell, 92. The couple had been married for 70 years and passed away within moments of each other recently. Not days, not hours, but minutes.

While Norma was suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s, her husband Francis was hospitalised with her after he broke his hip and had a serious infection.

And their story will remind you of the famous book by Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook. It has also been made into a movie of the same name starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.

While Norma was a convent educated girl from a good family, Francis was a dirt poor boy from Australia. Norma loved writing letters and Francis loved her like anything. Rings a bell, right?

Their daughter, in a heartwarming eulogy, told the Daily Mail that ‘On the night of January 6 at 11.45, the nurse tending them in the care home, where they not only shared a room but had their beds pushed together so they could hold hands, made her rounds.’

‘Mum was breathing unusually. Dad was restless. So the nurse returned ten minutes later to check on them. In those brief minutes, they had both passed away. Peacefully. Together. As they would have wanted.’

According to Amanda the couple had a perfect ending the way they had imagined it to be, ‘I also think God lent them a helping hand in giving them the most perfect passing from this world to the next.’

In their last moments together, the couple started mimicking each other’s behaviour. She said, ‘Dad was bed-bound, in pain and confused. Mum just watched him. If he refused to eat, she refused to eat. If he refused water, so did she. She was mimicking his behaviour. Some call it ‘twinning’, when two minds are perfectly in tune with each other.’

She also wrote that ‘And so, after the shock, it actually came as no surprise that their last act of love was to die together. Hand in hand. In this life and the next.’

And truly the couple’s love was celebrated not only by their family, but also by their friends and family. About 250 came to say a final goodbye to the couple, whose story is something to be cherished forever.