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Bike handle stuck in woman private part for two years!

16 May 2019, 09:01

NTV Online
Photo: Collected

A woman in India is recovering from surgery after doctors shockingly removed a motorbike handle from her uterus.

The woman, 30, was admitted to MY Hospital, in Indore, Madya Pradesh, in central India, two days ago with severe stomach pains. Doctors did an X-Ray before spotting a large object. A CT scan confirmed a motorbike handle in her uterus, small intestine and bladder. Doctors took the mother-of-six straight into surgery on Tuesday morning.

A team of 19 doctors conducted the four-hour long surgery and were forced to remove the woman’s uterus. Associate Professor, Dr Sonia Moses, from M. Y. Hospital, said: ‘She told us that the handle had been inserted inside her vagina by her husband when he was intoxicated with alcohol, reports the metro.com.

‘He had warned her not to tell anyone or he would hurt her. ‘The object had been inside her for almost two years and it had become severely infected with her organs perforated and eroded.

And she was left in excruciating pain. ‘Her uterus had been completely eroded which is why we had to remove it but we managed to repair her bladder using a stent through her urinary pipe. ‘She will not be able to have any more children.’

The patient is in recovery in ICU and is conscious, but the next 72 hours will be critical. The woman has reported her husband to the police and he is now in custody.