Imams are liars: Taslima Nasreen supports Sonu Nigam

21 Apr 2017, 13:29

NTV Online

Bollywood singer Sonu  Nigam, who had earlier shaved off his head in reaction to a ‘fatwa’ declared by a Kolkata Imam Syed Shah Atif Al-Qaderi who said he would give Rs 10 lakh to anyone who shaves the singer’s head and garlands with him footwear, has found support from Bangladesh-born author Taslima Nasreen.

She tweeted that Imams were liars and do not give money after issuing a fatwa, reports

The writer cited her own example when a Kolkata Imam had offered Rs 50, 000 for blackening her face but did not pay the money even after completing the condition.

Taslima Nasreen tweeted, ‘Kolkata Imam once issued fatwa whoever blackens my face will get Rs 50000. A friend blackened my face. But Imam didn’t give money. Imams r liars.’

‘All noise pollution including religious should be stopped. If you want to wake up for praying, please set an alarm on your phone.’

‘Azan is a wonderful music. But not everybody wants to listen to wonderful music when they’re in sleep, in meeting, discussing, studying, working.’