Video: Pregnant woman spreads body-positivity message by pole-dancing

27 Mar 2018, 19:32

NTV Online
Photo: Collected

A woman, in addition to having another human growing inside her, goes through a lot of hormonal as well as emotional changes during the course of her pregnancy.

Coupled with this are the many restrictions the society imposes on a woman expecting a child. From dictating how she is supposed to sit to what she is supposed to eat, her body comes to be at the receiving end of many opinions and impositions, reports the Indian Express.

Challenging just that, a nine-month pregnant woman earned a lot of respect and applause online with her splendid pole dancing moves. Hailing from Florida, instructor and dancer Allison Sipes continued to pole dance, even throughout her pregnancy.

While talking to, Sipes said, ‘I am currently 38 weeks pregnant. I have been pole dancing for 13 years so I have only been performing tricks on the pole that my body has been used to doing for a very long time. I am careful to only perform tricks I have mastered and ones that do not put pressure on my growing stomach’.

Sipes continues to actively pole dance and plans to do so till she goes into labour to deliver her daughter, due in April.

‘Pole dancing was business as usual until about 6 months, then the extra weight gain/weight displacement began to make it challenging strength wise, and with regards to what I was able to do safely with my growing belly,’ she was quoted saying in a report by The Metro.

Sipes explained that unless one was doing high-risk sports like skiing, scuba diving, anything that they were doing before conception can be continued throughout the pregnancy as well. This, however, was after consulting the doctor. She spoke with her doctors before continuing with her dancing sessions and they agreed that as long as she felt good, she should continue doing it.