All should watch this video to avoid falling into tragic situations!

08 Sep 2018, 15:55

NTV Online
Photo: Collected

An alarming problem in society hasn’t been still solved completely to stop the social issue related to children. Parents should watch this video to draw experience and avoid unfortunate situations to your children!

Child abduction never ends, and it seems to develop widely. In the past, child abductor just stalked the children who were being alone in remote areas. However, nowadays they even suddenly robbed children in his mother in the middle of the street without fear.

The child abductor is even more excessive. He suddenly robbed the baby in her mother’s hand, because the mother was weak, she couldn’t fight the abductor to protect her child. The worst thing is that the man succeeded when he entered the house and robbed the baby in mother’s hand.

Parents should be careful! Don’t leave the door open when your child is alone at home as in this video. The man saw to check whether anyone is at home. After that, he calmly went in and took away baby. Although the baby in this video was quite old, he didn’t escape is from the child abductor, reports the

There are few situations in which people could catch the child abductor. People wonder how many abducting case that people can catch child abductors and give him a lesson? So not only parents need to be careful, but our society can not ignore their unethical actions.

Some cases using the candy or food with the aim of abducting is now very little, but they take the evil action in the middle of the road and in the middle of the day.

Although the case of using food to abduct children is quite familiar, they used weak points that there are many parents to pick up children. Therefore, people can’t identify who is the real parent of children.

The common way they usually apply is to ask if they want to eat something or play toys. When children answer yes and agree, they will induce the child to follow them.

So parents should learn from experience and give basic knowledge for their children to protect themselves from unfortunate circumstances. Also don’t give the chance for bad guys to act!