Woman sits willingly on man’s lap on train!

12 Sep 2017, 10:27

Photo: Collected

China: Many a time we have come across stubborn passengers who would not give up seats reserved for senior citizens or women.

Though some keep quiet, hoping that some sense will dawn upon them, others decide to raise their voice, reports The Indian Express.

Something similar happened in China metro recently when a woman found a young man sitting on the seat reserved for women and asked him to vacate it for her.

After a big argument when he refused to leave the seat, the woman took the matter in her own hand and sat on his LAP!

Yes, the quarrel that took place on a train was recorded on camera in China’s Nanjing city and has been going viral on Chinese social media platform, Weibo.

In the video that was shot on September 5, the woman can be seen showing the man a sign over his read that clearly indicates it’s reserved for those who are unable to stand.

While other commuters seem unaffected and did not intervene, the sight was recorded and has created a great buzz online.