‘Mutant’ cow with fifth leg

12 Oct 2017, 12:49

Photo: Collected

A ‘mutant’ cow with a fifth leg growing out of its back has been discovered in China, reports the Mirror.

Astonishing footage shows the animal’s fully formed trotter flopping around as the cow eats in a barn in Zhanjiang, China.

In the video, taken on September 24, the cameraman even picks up the animal’s extra limb and shakes it back and forth to prove it is in fact fully attached.

The cow has now reportedly become a tourist attraction in the town, after memorised people flocked to see it’s extra leg.

The animal is believed to have polymelia, an extremely rare disorder that causes extra limbs to form.

The condition is extremely uncommon and it is estimated that fewer than four in every 100,000 cattle born have it, according to National Geographic.