How the single people see the Valentine’s Day?

14 Feb 2018, 18:49 | updated: 14 Feb 2018, 18:52

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Dhaka: Just stepping out of home is enough to tell that today is the day society in the throes of consumerism ‘celebrates’ love by painting the whole town red. Relax, it’s just the preponderance of red roses. For today is Valentine’s Day.

On Wednesday, couples were seen moving together wearing matching clothes, holding hands and exchanging red roses, reports the UNB.

While many claim that there is no need for a special occasion to celebrate love, or rejecting the import of such a late bloomer even within the cultures ravaged by capitalism, many others were found making the day special for their loved ones.

But what do the single people think about this day?

Hujaifa, an honours fourth year student, said it is not necessary that only those involved in romantic relationships will get to celebrate the day. “We can also express our love for our parents, or to friends who have a special space in our lives,” she said

This day can be celebrated specially to strengthen bond with each other, he added.

Afsana Shorna, a university student, said love is a different kind of emotion. Not necessarily it has to come on 14th February only. No one really said that. It may happen anytime, any day. Of course.

Faria from Khilgaon said Valentine’s Day is a day to surprise each other for her and her husband.

“The day brings an excitement to the relationships,” she added.

While many spent a good amount of time to make plans to surprise their loved ones, many others enjoy the festive way to celebrate the day.

Oliur Rahman, a student from Dhaka University, said it feels good to see.

“Though it’s just another day for me, I enjoy the festivity all around here,” he added.

Coming immediately on the back of Pahela Falgun, the arrival of Spring - a celebration more in keeping with our part of the world - Bangladesh could almost be forgiven for not devoting the same energy to Valentine’s Day. Then again, who wants to pass up on an occasion to celebrate? Clearly not many residents of the capital.

Whether one is single or in a relationship, celebrating Valentine’s Day can infuse anyone’s day with color and emotion, as there is no harm in celebrating something as pure and fulfilling as love.