Video: Real life vampire drinks half a gallon of human blood a month

14 Feb 2018, 20:19

NTV Online
Photo: Collected

Forget Twilight and True Blood – this woman is a real life vampire who drinks half a gallon of human blood every month.

Rather than living deep in Transylvania, mum-of-two Julia ‘Dark Rose’ Caples feeds on her prey – her fiancee – from her home in suburban Pennsylvania, reports the Metro.

The 50-year-old compares the sensation of drinking blood to an ‘explosion of sexual energy’, and her lifestyle has seen her amass a cult following of so-called online worshippers.

Julia said: ‘I’m one of the original creators of what is now known as the vampire community. ‘I was the vampire celebrity [in the 1990s] that travelled all over the world, doing all kinds of TV shows – I don’t think anybody really expected that what I was really [a vampire] was really real.’

Last year, we revealed the disturbing reality of life inside the vampire community, which is a far cry from the glamour of vampires on TV shows and movies.

But Julia wants to break down the stigmas associated with drinking blood, and has offered a glimpse into her life via the Wizard of Odd TV.

She claims she has been kidnapped by cults and chased by vampire hunters during her affiliation with the underground community.

She said: ‘This is actually our life. ‘When I drink blood, it’s an explosion of sexual energy and sexuality.

 ‘I combine the energy of sex with the blood-drinking, and it’s like this cone of power and energy – that is its aphrodisiac.

‘Growing up it was certainly something taboo and it really still is, but it’s my mission to find others like myself who are born this way.

‘They don’t need to go through what I went through, they don’t need to be hurt.’