Video: Bride’s belly dance on her wedding is breaking the Internet

14 Mar 2018, 16:07

NTV Online
Photo: Collected

Over the years, the ‘shy bride’ persona has been challenged by many women on their wedding day.

From a newly-wed bride who danced in a ghunghat to the uber cool one who matched the beats of popular song Cheap Thrills along with her friends, there have been many viral videos of brides dancing and breaking the stereotypes, reports the Indian Express.

Adding to the list is another short video that is all over social media after it was posted by Instagram account design_aqua_studio.

In the clip, the bride is seen showing a fusion of Punjabi and belly dance. Captioned, ‘Tag a cool bride to be!!

You must have seen brides dancing BUT NOT LIKE HERRR! She has trained in classical dance for 16 years!

Check out Rashika killing it on her wedding day dancing on one of my favorite numbers,’ it has received over 4 lakh views so far.