Wind blows away robber’s stolen cash

16 Apr 2018, 11:05


If you’re not having the best day, seeing a couple of robbers having the worst day might make you feel slightly better. Cops in the UK have released surveillance footage of two ridiculously unfortunate thieves who managed to lose their loot in a matter of seconds.

Two unidentified men walked into a travel agency in Droylsden, Greater Manchester and demanded the staff to hand them money. As the two hurried out, they stuffed the cash down their pants, only to lose it seconds later as a gust of wind blew it all away, reports NDTV.

In the video, one of the robbers haplessly chases after a wad of notes after they were scattered all around the alley by the wind. Before he could pick up the fallen money, more notes fly out of his pocket. And then some more.

His partner goes after the money but it’s unclear how much of it he managed to recover.

Although the robbery took place last month, CCTV footage of the crime was released only now by the Greater Manchester Police. The police appealed to the public to help them identify the culprits.

‘This duo threatened innocent people working in the travel agents and should know their actions are utterly unacceptable,’ Detective Constable Phil Scargill of GMP's Tameside borough said.