Video: Skill in balancing stones will make you astonished

16 Apr 2018, 17:16

NTV Online
Photo: Collected

Swedish postman-by-day, Pontus Jansson, has become an internet sensation by balancing rocks and stones on top of each other to create statues – hitting over 100k followers.

The 33-year-old rock artist creates many intriguing and gravity defying statues, using only rocks – from arches in rivers to 13-stones high balancing masterpieces, reports the Story Trender.

Seven-years-ago the postman saw his first rock tower on the island of Öland, he found it so beautiful and simplistic that he taught himself how to create his own, using the internet to advance his own pieces.

He gained over 55,000 followers within two months when people found out no glue was used to hold the rocks in place.

Pontus said: ‘The balancing force makes you focus and puts you in a sedative state.

‘Nature always makes you feel calm.

‘People enjoy the statues so much, most of my pictures can be bought as prints now.

‘Sometimes I leave them stood up for others to walk past and admire.

‘Other times, I knock them down.

‘Majority of the time I take the stones to the location I want to build my statues in.

‘I do also like to find them lying around on the floor when I’ve chosen a spot.’