Video: Bloated cobra regurgitates nine chicken eggs

12 Jul 2018, 21:20

NTV Online
Photo: Collected

This is the stomach-churning moment a hungry cobra regurgitated nine eggs after it raided an Indian farmer’s henhouse and swallowed eggs.

The snake ventured into Sham Rao’s henhouse on Wednesday morning in Maregao village in Chandrapur in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, and killed two hens before gorging on eggs.

Upon hearing the cackling of the hens, Sham rushed to the coop and to his utter shock, he found a cobra on an eating spree, reports the Story Trender.

Sham Rao, 45, said: ‘We saw this snake around our house several times in past two month. Yesterday, when I found the reptile in our henhouse swallowing the eggs after killing my two hens, I was shocked.’

Sham immediately called a local snake rescuer, Omesh Zire, for help.

Visuals show the snake regurgitating all the nine eggs while Omesh is holding it from its tail.

The villagers in the background of the video can be heard counting the eggs.

Omesh said: ‘After swallowing nine eggs, the cobra was not able to escape.  

‘When I brought the snake out from the henhouse, it immediately started regurgitating the eggs.

‘It’s very difficult for a snake to get away with heavy food like eggs inside it.

‘The cobra, in my understanding, wanted to escape from the public view, so it regurgitated all the eggs quickly.’

Scores of villagers had gathered at Sham Rao’s house to witness the unusual scene.

Soon after regurgitating all the eggs, the cobra was released into a nearby forest.