Video: 3-year-old boy plays with king cobra in cheering of crow

01 Dec 2018, 14:28

NTV Online
This 3-year-old boy plays with king cobra in cheering of crow. Photo: Collected

Surely we are no stranger to the horror stories of cobra, or giant cobra attacks large prey. Just listen to it, surely that everyone is cold because of this poisonous snake. 

However, perhaps the boy in this video is the exception. It is known that this young boy from the countryside can play casually with cobra. This boy probably did not speak fluently, but he knew how to do everything with the scary snake.

He can turn the snake into a mobile scarf, or lift up snake's head to play along, all of this action, accompanied by the boy's constant giggle as well as the cheering of the crowd making the audience feel very surprised, reports the

Fortunately, the serpent was not much concerned with the hyperactive boy, even the cobra tries to crawl away from him. However, the curious nature of the boy did not let the snake leave so easily, he continued to run after the poisonous snake and hold its neck in excitement.

Up to now, there are many attacks causing by cobra.

Not long ago, two bikers who were riding home from Jali beach, were attacked by a poisonous snake injuring the pillion rider who has now been shifted to a private hospital in Udupi where he is said to be in a critical state. 

The incident took place on Friday 24 August, when Noushad and Firoz Ahmed Mukhtesar were riding back home, from Jali beach. The duo went off the road on their bike to avoid rain water when the Indian cobra jumped on the bike from the grass and tried to bite the rider Noushad, panicked Noushad kicked the reptile off him which ultimately landed on the lap of pillion rider Firoz Ahmed Mukhtesar and bite him.