YouTuber gets criticised for sharing kissing video with ‘sister’

13 Apr 2019, 18:48 | updated: 13 Apr 2019, 18:59

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A YouTube star who provoked outrage when he snogged his ‘sister’ in a bizarre video has said it was real.

Online doubters had questioned whether Chris Monroe was related to the woman he was filmed passionately kissing.

The viral clip - named ‘Kissing My Actual Sister’ - was shared on Monroe’s PrankInvasion channel.

He was pictured snogging Kaitlyn O’Connor, who he told viewers was his half sister, reports the

But not everyone was convinced, with many appalled commenters branding it a hoax.

One said: ‘They’re not related, it a joke. Hopefully.’

Monroe has said it was real, telling The Sun: ‘She is my real half-sister. So, true she is not fully my blood but she is half and that is a fact.’

The video has been viewed more than three million times on YouTube.

Monroe - who brands himself the world’s best kisser - says in the video: ‘In this video I’m going to try and kiss my actual sister.

‘Just so you know she’s actually my half sister. This is going to be really weird but I owe you guys something big so I hope you guys like it.’

He is seen playing rock, paper, scissors with Kaitlyn, who he told that he would kiss if she lost.

She later said she ‘never wants to do it again’.

Thousands of people commented on the YouTube video voicing their disgust at the passionate kiss.

Many questioned how it qualified as a ‘prank’.