Girl photobombing Minister Jayant Sinha's interview is winning budget 2019

02 Feb 2019, 16:11

NTV Online
Photo: Collected

India: Even as interim Finance Minister Piyush Goyal and the contents of his briefcase dominated social media trends for the larger part of the day, a young girl seems to have photobombed her way to becoming viral after the Budget 2019 session.
After the conclusion of the Budget session in Parliament on Friday, Minister of State for Civil and Aviation Jayant Sinha spoke to media persons present outside about the budget and congratulated the Modi government.

However, the show was stolen by a photobombing girl in the background, possibly a teenager, reports the
In a video that has gone viral, the girl can be seen taking her tongue out and smiling behind Sinha as he spoke about the alleged doom spelt on the faces of members of the Opposition.
If you don't believe a kid could have the gall to make faces behind a minister outside Parliament on Budget Day, watch this video on DD News's YouTube channel:

Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview to Network18, Sinha said that the current government has restored fiscal sanity which the previous government had completely violated.
Speaking about the sudden announcement to give tax rebates to those earning up to 5 lakh per annum, Sinha said that governments in prior times also have announced policy changes in the interim budget. ‘When a new government comes in these changes can be tinkered,’ he said.