200 Singer fridge buyers win free fridge

24 Aug 2017, 18:22

NTV Online

A total of 200 Singer fridge buyers have won the Singer free fridge in the first three weeks of August 2017 under Singer’s on-going campaign ‘Eid Offer e Sobai Kaat, 300 Free Fridge e Bajimat’.

Under this campaign, Singer is giving 300 free fridge/frezers for its fridge/freezer buyers throughout the August, says a press release.

After purchasing a Singer fridge/freezer, a customer can send a message from his/her mobile phone number to 6969 to stand a chance to get his/her full money back. Moreover, Singer is offering upto Tk 15,000 on purchase of fridge/freezer prices.

Besides, fridge/Freezer buyers can also avail 0% interest upto six months and 12-month easy installment facility.

In this campaign, Singer is also giving attractive offers in the purchase of TVs, microwave ovens and its all other kitchen appliances.