E-shops doing better Eid business than last year

11 Jun 2018, 10:30

NTV Online

Dhaka: With the alluring Eid sales gaining momentum in regular shopping malls and other shopping places, online shops attract more and more new consumers through discounts and other offers.

Amid traffic chaos on the streets on one hand and busy lifestyle on the other, people are finding online shopping as a better option to avoid hazards as well as saving time., reports the UNB.

Mehnaz Amberin, a student from Stamford University, who has decided to buy products from online shops to avail of Eid offers, told UNB, ‘I was always a little bit confused about buying products online as you don’t know whether the websites are trustworthy or not. But once you’re sure about the authenticity of the products, online shopping is the best way to do the shopping more comfortably.’

‘What can be better than getting your products sitting at home?’ she exclaimed adding that many online shops offer special discounts on a wide range of products, from clothes to make up accessories, on the occasion of Eid.

It is easier to get more desired products in the budget through availing of the opportunity, said Mehnaz.

In the last few years, online shopping and business have gained much popularity because of the use of social media platforms like Facebook. Not only are the entrepreneurs using this platform for their business but buyers also depend on it to learn about the products.

Farhana Sarkar Bristy, a student of Delta Medical College and Hospital, said buyers can see user reviews, in the Facebook before buying any product from online.

‘Online pages describe their products in Facebook live and also offer discounts. This makes online shopping easier,’ Farhana said adding that she also had a bad experience while buying products online.

‘But, you can always cross check the buyers and the products. Those who have shops or outlets and also provide e-shopping services are more trustworthy than others,’ said Bristy claiming that as various e-shops offer special discounts on products which also attracts the customers to get into e-shopping.

Imran Hossain, Operation Manager (E-commerce) of, told UNB that they have got many new customers this season by offering discounts on their products ahead of the festival.

‘We’re receiving huge response from customers — both inside and outside Dhaka— during the Eid sale,’ he said.

Naa-shee Tanyeer, owner of an online boutique shop, Jhapi, said, heavy traffic is one of the main reasons why people are showing growing interest in online shopping.

‘Now people don’t have enough time to visit markets and go through the shops to buy their desired products. Also, they can find exclusive products online which might take longer time to find in the market,’ said Naa-shee.

Before buying any product, customers should check the review about the page to learn about its authenticity, she added.

Muhammad Abdul Wahed Tomal, General Secretary of e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB), said discount and special offers definitely helps attract more consumers to e-shopping.

‘The volume of e-shopping has increased by about two folds this year than the previous time. While the number of e-shopping deliveries was around 10 thousand every day last year, this year it has increased to 20 to 25 thousands and ahead of Eid, the per day deliveries have become around 40 thousands,’ said the e-CAB general secretary.

As the e-commerce traders are improving their services and verities of products are also getting into the e-business, people are finding more interest in this sector, he said.