UC browser launches BD Express

1st big data driven news aggregator in Bangladesh

18 Aug 2016, 12:07

NTV Online

UCWeb, a portfolio company of Alibaba Mobile Business Group, announced on Thursday that it launched BD Express in Bangladesh in cooperation with popular local news portals including NTV Online.

Equipped with powerful algorithm, BD Express is a news aggregator that is set to change the traditional way of content acquisition. The big data enables accurate news pushing, making the right news to find the right reader, and thus enhancing the efficiency of daily information acquisition to each user.

BD Express was officially launched on August 5 on UC Browser for the Android version. Becoming immensely popular among UC Browser users, BD Express has attracted more than 1.6 million users in Bangladesh. BD Express provides national and international news in different fields including politics, technology, entertainment, sports, lifestyle and latest trends. It is also an ad-free product with fast streaming and browsing experience. UCWeb, to celebrate this achievement, will hold a campaign with the participation of celebrities from different fields. 


BD Express: Smart, Fast and User-friendly

Differentiating it with other traditional news sources, UC Browser product manager in Bangladesh Sihai Yao said : ‘BD Express serves customised news meeting users’ interests, vastly differentiating from traditional news sources, based on big data and algorithm technologies of UC Browser. Besides, with the help of UC Browser push notifications, users can instantly receive breaking news that they are more likely to be interested in. For our users, this means no need to filter through pages of spam and instant news relevant to the things they care about.’

The advanced cloud acceleration and data compression technologies behind UC browser ensure fastest news loading compared to other browsers. Combining this with the powerful ad-blocking function, users are presented with a minimal reading environment free of distracting and irrelevant ads unlike traditional news websites.

Talking about the expectation of BD Express and future plan, Alibaba Mobile Business Group’s UCWeb business director of emerging markets Howard Liang said: ‘Capitalising on unique features, UC Browser keeps improving mobile browsing experience to its users. The launching of BD Express in Bangladesh is a new step for us to make UC Browser from tool to content. Improvement of content consumption experience will be next important task for UCWeb and Alibaba Mobile Business Group.’

About UCWeb

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