46 products of All Time now in market

18 Apr 2017, 17:02

NTV Online

Dhaka: Some 46 products of popular bakery brand All Time are now available in market. Bread, cream bun, honeycomb, toast and cookies of the brand have got popularity among the people of all classes for maintaining hygiene during production and attractive packaging.

All Time, on an average, produces 1.5 lakh pieces bread, cream bun and honeycomb and two tonnes of toast and cookies every day, said Kamruzzaman Kamal, Director (Marketing) at PRAN-RFL Group, said in a press release.

He also said four new products of the bakery brand- danish, premium cake, multi-grain bread and roti- will be available in the market soon. A packet of roti, consisting of six pieces, will cost Tk 30.

The All Time started its journey in 2009 by producing two thousand pieces of bread, the director said adding that the production capacity has been increased by phases in the wake of growing demand of the consumers.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Banga Bakers Limited Abdullah Al-Mamun said the new product ‘Jam Sandwich Bread’ consisting of three slices of bread and jelly, gets popularity among the consumers. He also said All Time is producing new products regularly considering the demand of the consumers.

The products of the popular brand are being manufactured using modern technology, said the COO adding ‘moreover, we give importance on nutrition, quality and taste apart from ensuring hygiene during manufacturing and marketing of the products.’

At the beginning, the products of All Time were available in Dhaka only. But now the products are available across the country due to the development of supply system and setting up factories in different places of the country, he added.

The cookies and toast of the brand are being exported to India, Nepal and Middle East, said Kamruzzaman. ‘We have plan to export cookies and toast to some other countries this year.’