Ispahani Agro Ltd bags HSBC Climate Champion award

09 May 2017, 12:45

NTV Online
Environment Minister Anwar Hossain Manju is awarding Ms. Fawzia Yasmeen, General Manager of Ispahani Agro Ltd. with 5th HSBC and The Daily Star Climate Award (Green Business Category) for pioneering in bio-pesticides industry.

Dhaka: Ispahani Agro Limited was crowned the 5th HSBC and The Daily Star Climate Award in the Green Business category for pioneering in bio-pesticides industry to protect the environment, farmers and crops from indiscriminate use of chemical pesticides.

HSBC and The Daily Star jointly honored the organizations and individuals contributing in preserving the environment and mitigate the risks of climate change through their activities.

Ispahani Agro Limited has set an example in bio-pesticides industry as a pioneer. Realizing the hazardous impact of chemical pesticides, IAL came forward to take the challenge of supplying environment friendly and effective bio-pesticide products to the farmers at a very affordable price and environment friendly technology. Accordingly, IAL started its biotech venture (IBT) since 2009.

Now, IAL markets environment friendly agro inputs such as pheromones, Bio control agents, Microbials, Bio fertilizers, Bio fungicide, Bio herbicide for diversified crops such as vegetables, tea, sugarcane, rice and cotton etc.